Surrounded! With a Shotgun

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NOTE: This is a Print and Play version of the game, and not a physical product. You will receive printable PDFs after ordering. 

In Surrounded! With a Shotgun you and up to three friends are holed up in an isolated building surrounded on all sides by vicious hoodlums intent on your demise.

Fortunately, you are well armed and know they are coming. However, if they get to the building faster than you can take them out, you will be overrun. Can you survive being Surrounded! With a Shotgun?

Rules PDF

File Contents

  • Boards Full Files
    • 4 Files (1, 2, 3, and 4 player boards)
  • Boards Divided - 12 pages
  • Cards - 4 pages (3 front and 1 back)
  • Counters - 3 pages
  • Counter Assembly Instructions - 2 page
  • Rules - 7 pages

How to Play