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At 200 MPH only inches separate your car from the car behind you. Anywhere else in the world and you would be cursing the driver. But this isn’t just any joy ride. This is the world championships and as frightening as it may be, he’s giving you the speed you need to win it.

Draftcar is a 2 to 10 player drafting & racing game in which you use clever card play to reposition race cars in an effort to get your car in the lead.


A drafting game in more ways than one.

In Racing, drafting is the term used when two or more cars drive close together at high speeds to reduce the effect of drag on their car so they can go faster.
In card games, drafting is a term used to describe players having to choose from a subset of choices and potentially leaving the other choices for other players.


Game Contents

  • Rule booklet
  • 10 Car cards
  • 90 Draft cards
  • 8 Player Aid cards