Battle of the Dale

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In a wealthy valley through which a warm, enchanted river flowed from Foggy Mountain, Queen Elyra’s Council could no longer keep secret her mysterious disappearance. She, the last heir to the Crown of Chip, was gone and, as word of her departure grew more dire in each retelling of this new while spreading o’er the land, order in the realm crumbled.

The representatives of the Great Races in the Queen’s Council, long assembled in peace by the force of her will, laid forth their claims to the crown in her absence – first with words, and then with deeds, calling their armies from afar in all directions to this land, each seeking to claim and restore the Crown of Chip.

Rules PDF

File Contents

  • Board - 1 page
  • Cards - 2 pages (front and back)
  • Counters - 2 pages
  • Counter Assembly Instructions - 1 page
  • Rules - 4 pages

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