Company Policy

Pricing of Print and Play games

Since Print and Play (PnP) games are not physical products with a fixed per unit cost, standard pricing structures based on multiplying the Landed Cost (manufacturing plus freight / number of units) can't be used.

Instead I have opted to base the price of PnP games on the average length of a single play through multiplied by $5 per hour, and round up to the nearest dollar. The number of players is not taken into consideration.

For Example:

Dawgs of War averages 45 minutes

45 minutes is 0.75 hours

0.75 x $5 = $3.75

Rounded up to $4

How do games Graduate from PnP

A percentage of each games sales is set aside for the purpose of paying for future print runs. When the amount of money set aside is enough (the amount necessary to print 2000 units by my rough estimation) I will select a game to print and start getting quotes. As part of the selection process I will look at the number of units sold and over what period of time those units sold.

Games start as PnP

To minimize my personal risk, most games will be released first as PnP and will only be made into physical games if the number of sales justify the gamble. Because of this, most games will not be made as physical games.

Discounts on Physical games

If a game Graduates from PnP to physical and you have previously purchased the game as a PnP I want to extend to you a discount on the Physical game equal to the cost of the PnP. The easiest way for me to do that, is if you have an account.


If you set up an account and send me a message via the contact form with a link to your most recent review, I will tag your account so you can purchase games at a reviewer rate of 100% off. Unfortunately, I can't do anything about the print costs.


I am not actively looking for submissions at this time since I'm still working on getting a lot of my own designs up onto the site.

However, if you truly feel your game is perfect for me, and you are ok with it starting as a PnP, feel free to reach out using the contact form with the subject line "SUBMISSION - 'INSERT NAME OF GAME' " and include a brief description of the gameplay, and setting. Please no more than two paragraphs at this stage.

I will respond to all submissions in a timely manner to let you know if I am interested or not.