Dawgs of War

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NOTE: This is a Print and Play version of the game, and not a physical product. You will receive printable PDFs after ordering. 

The Howling Skies are upon us! The greatest dog pilots of our time are battling overhead, each growl and yip bringing them closer and closer. As oil and wood rains down from their fight, I just hope I get to see the action up close some day...

In Dawgs of War, you and up to seven of your friends take to the skies for aerial combat in the era of the Great Dog War. Each player takes on the role of a famous canine pilot as you battle both gravity and the other planes. All plays are made at the same time and you’ll be hard-pressed to see the moves coming, as danger can come from any of twelve possible directions. Get ready for the Howling Skies!

Rules PDF

File Contents

  • Board - 2 files
    • Full image - 11x17
    • Broken up version - 4 pages
  • Control Cards Front - 8 pages
  • Control Cards Back - 1 page
  • License Cards - 2 pages (front and back)
  • Counters - 1 page
  • Counter Assembly Instructions - 1 page
  • Range Guide - 1 page
  • Rules - 6 pages

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