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This week I made a card game. The game is tentatively called Art Trader, although I'm certain if I were spending more than a week on it that name would change. So what is Art Trader? Well, here's how it started. I made a d68 table with game mechanics on each space on the table. Then I rolled 3 times and picked two. My results; Trick Taking, Commodity Speculation, and something else... I can't remember right now but it felt out of place with both the other options so I scratched it and went with a trick taking commodity speculation game. Seemed fairly intuitive that the commodity should be the trick you were trying to take so I started down that line of reasoning which lead me to Art. I strayed a bit from trick taking... into more of an auction mechanic, but I think the core concept is still there in spirit.

The game should be playable with 2 to 5 players (although I don't think it will be very strong with less than 3). The basic principle is each round players blind bid on a piece of art, either a random one or one a player puts up for auction. Play continues until all art pieces have been purchased, or a player runs out of money. At the end of the game players score based of how many art pieces they acquired and their score is augmented by their goal cards, which they receive during setup. That is more or less it.

This game took longer than I wanted to get to a point where I could build a kit and as a result hasn't received any testing. Lesson learned: Don't spend so much time on art for these weekly challenges...

Written by Nathan Hansen — February 05, 2015

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