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I'm revisiting my business model for Nathan Hansen Games. I gave the Print and Play to full physical model a good run but... I have lost money month over month since I started. Not to say it can't work, but it certainly hasn't worked for me.

Basically it all comes down to finances. With the PnP model, I would have to sell around a thousand games a month to make a reasonable (but not good) income. If I sell physical games as print on demand, I can make ends meet with as few as 50 games a month.

Additionally, I just think it's easier to sell a physical product than it is to sell files that players need to assemble themselves. And for fairly obvious reasons. There are a TON of free PnP games out there.

All this to say, over the next few months/maybe even the year of 2022, I'm transitioning entirely to a Print on Demand model. It will not happen all at once because there are tooling costs involved for each game I transition over and I do not have a lot of capital. And between transitioning games, I will also be releasing new games. But, I'm committing to the process.

The TLDR of what this means; I will no longer make any new games available as PnP, and will be slowly releasing old games as Print on Demand along side new games.

I have not yet decided if I should take the old PnP files down after a game is made Print on Demand.

Written by Nathan Hansen — November 11, 2021

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