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This week VPG put the playtest call out for Surrounded with a Shotgun. I've decided to experiment with digital playtesting and so far it has been a huge success.

Previously when I've done play testing, I've sent out physical kits. These kits take time and money to produce, so there is always an imposed cap on the number of testers. Then they have to be mailed to the tester, which takes time. When all is said and done the tester doesn't see the game for 2 weeks to a month after agreeing to be a tester. In that time the game stalls. I can't make changes because then the testers will be testing the wrong version. And about half of physical kit testers aren't going to provide feedback at all, which I assume is because something new has caught their attention in the last 2-4 weeks since they said they were interested.

Using a pure digital kit approach, I had actionable feedback before I could finish replying to all the testers to send them the link. Granted, this is at least partially because SwaSG is a short game, but it's also there was an immediate ability for the testers to test while they were / are at peak interest. And so far I've had about 60-70% of the testers provide feedback. I'm used to only having maybe 20% of the kits I send out result in actionable feedback.

So, as of right now I see no reason to go back to physical kits for play testing unless I'm working on a game with a dexterity element or a component that I can't emulate digitally.

This is awesome!

Written by Nathan Hansen — April 19, 2016

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