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The above is the prototype for Surrounded with a Shotgun. It's a State of Siege game I'm working on for Victory Point Games. It's 1 to 4 players and uses a different map for each player count. The above picture shows a 3 player game. 

The theme is still fairly loose, but think john carpenter's assault on precinct 13. The players are trapped in a building that is being besieged on all sides.

The mechanics are very simple. Draw a card, place new cubes, move cubes,  move/shoot.

Where you can shoot is determined by where you are in the building. I.e. If you are in the green room you can only shoot cubes in spaces with a green border. You can also shoot into a room that shares a door with the room you are in. When you shoot you roll a number of dice equal to the number of cubes in the space to a max of 5. Each result of 4 or above will have an effect:
  • 4 pushes the cubes one space away from the building (if possible)
  • 5 returns a cube to the cube pool
  • 6 takes a cube out of the game / returns it to the box
  • A number of spaces have -1 drms (dice roll modifiers) and affect results accordingly
You win by either returning all cubes to the box, or by surviving until the last card is resolved. You lose if there is ever a cube in the building at the end of the turn.

The balance seems tweaked about right. There is about a 75% loss rate on internal testing. So, I think I may be able to move to external testing and graphic development soon.

Written by Nathan Hansen — April 03, 2016

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