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I had an idea for a party game while on the bus yesterday. A simple concept that I feel like must have been done before, or there must be something at least similar to but I can't think of it.

Basically, the game is inspired by AMAs (ask me anything). In fact, I'll probably call it AMA if I do anything with this.

The way I see the gameplay is pretty simple.

  1. Each round one player is giving an AMA. They draw a card (or maybe 2 and choose 1) that represents who they are.
  2. Then the other players get the chance to ask questions. Probably a limited number of them. I'm thinking something like starting from the player to the left and continuing clockwise, each player may ask one question and have it answered or pass until 5 questions have been answered or all players have passed.
  3. Then the players write down there guess of who is giving the AMA and if they are right they get 1 point. If everyone is right the person giving the AMA gets 2 points.
  4. Continue until either everyone has had the chance to give an AMA or someone reaches an arbitrary score, say 15 points.

Written by Nathan Hansen — September 19, 2018

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