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I've come up with a card game I'm currently calling "One of us isn't wearing a costume..." and would like some feedback on the concept and maybe some play-testers.

It consists of 54 cards, including:

  • 1 setup card
  • 21 "rules cards"
    • These carry the bulk of the rules weight and sort of control the flow of the game. Each has a binary choice and a direction they should be passed when complete.
  • 10 monster cards
    • Each of these has two traits shown.
  • 10 weakness cards
    • One for each monster
  • 12 trait cards
    • Two each of Claw, Fang, Strong, and Magic plus 4 Blank.
The setup card has the players set two random Trait cards aside, before being assigned a random monster and shuffling the remaining Trait cards with the Blanks and the weaknesses and dealing those out face down to all monsters evenly. Then whoever is setting up says aloud something to the effect of "This is a Real Time Game. If you have any rule cards it is your turn. Whenever a rule card is handed to you it goes on the bottom of the stack of rule cards you are working through. The game ends immediately when all monster cards are face down." Then they hand the stack of shuffled rule cards to any player they want. The back of the setup card has rules for the end game.

The moment the rule cards are handed of any player with 1 or more rule cards acts in real time to work through their cards and hopefully figure out who the monsters is and how to best insure their survival. When the game ends the set aside traits are revealed, and if the monster associated has their own weakness they lose. Otherwise the monster wins, but whoever has the monsters weakness card is safe.

Written by Nathan Hansen — April 15, 2019



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March 18 2021

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