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I have dice game mechanism running through my head and I feel like I've seen something similar to this before, but I can't for the life of me think of where. If you know, let me know. But in any case, here's the basic idea:

  • Each player has a mat with a 6x6 grid of options
  • On their turn, they roll 5 dice
  • Each dice may be assigned/placed based on either the row or column that matches its result
  • Dice may only be placed in a space without any dice
  • Dice may be combined to reach a total when placing them (this actually makes 1 the least common result because you can always combine dice to get any larger results but can't combine dice for a 1)
  • At the start of the game maybe only the top two rows have anything in them and they should be fairly weak abilities (like the starting cards in most deck builders)
  • Through the course of play, players may add more stuff to the grid (cards or tiles with various powers)
Ways this could be easily modified:
  • Instead of just rolling 5 dice your roll 10 (5 white and 5 black) and dice must be placed in black and white pairs with white for columns and black for rows
  • Obviously, the number of dice could be varied a lot and likely would be during testing
  • Make the dice a shared resource rolled in the center that player take turns drafting from to assign/place on their mats

Written by Nathan Hansen — June 15, 2016

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