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A while back a friend and I started talking about drinking games. We kind of half started a concept for a drinking game subscription service. (half started as in we talked about it a lot... then didn't start it.) During the discussion, we did come up with a couple of games though. Not at all flushed out and likely not something I'll ever come back to, but I figured I could put them out there.

Game 1) Miniature War Shots

What you need

  • 2 or more players (if more than 2 players, you will play in teams)
  • 10 shots, divided evenly between players/teams
  • 12 Round Coasters, divided evenly between players/teams
  • A flat surface on which to play. We’ll just call it a table going forward

How to Start

Each player sets up by placing 5 shots on coasters somewhere on their side of the table, in any way they want. One player should use the coasters face up, and the other should use the coasters face down. Each player will have one coaster without a shot; this is their starting movement pool.

What you do

Starting with the oldest player (or the team with the oldest player), each player takes turns moving their shots in an attempt to force their opponent(s) to drink them.
To make a move, place one or more of the coaster(s) from your movement pool so that they physically touch the starting coaster, then move the shot from the starting coaster to the coaster that was just placed. If this causes you to have two of your coasters (with shots) physically touch a coaster of your opponent, the opposing player must drink the shot. If at any time a team only has 1 shot remaining, they must drink all shots left on the table. Any coasters that do not have shots placed on them are removed from the table and go into the movement pool of the player/team that owns them. The opposing player now gets to go.

Game 2) Wenches & Flagons

What is it?

Wenches & Flagons is a drunken role playing game.

What you need

  • Beer, bottled. Lots of it. All different brands. The caps will represent your character stats and the dice you will roll.
  • Some sort of container for each player to hold said bottle caps (we recommend a large glass). These are basically your character sheets.

How to Start

Each session/campaign starts with character creation. Each player assumes the role of a character, and you will drink a beer for each attribute or skill you want to purchase. We recommend starting with one attribute and one skill (meaning you should play this game when you are on your second beer). An attribute is something core to your character's being that helps you do things. A skill, on the other hand, is a learned behavior. In this game, there are three Attributes and three Skills:
  • Attributes
    • Physical
    • Mental
    • Social
  • Skills
    • Sneak
    • Fight
    • Sing? (This might be fun to do when drinking)

What you do

As it is a role-playing game, one player has to take the role of a Game Master (GM), and the rest are players. The GM will set up a situation, and the players will make decisions based on that situation. The GM will have them “roll” to determine the result of the decision.

How to “Roll”

To roll, a player takes whatever bottle caps they have that match the situation and shake them up in their hands and plop them down on a table. Any bottle caps that end up brand side up are considered successes.

Failing a roll

On a failure, the GM takes a cap from your pool of caps. Before he or she does, you have the option of opening another beer and adding its cap to the roll. Of course, you have to finish your current beer first, since we know you wouldn’t DARE break the following rule... right?


You may not open a new beer until you finish your last beer. You may only use bottle caps from beers you are drinking or have drunk previously during a session.

The Party Foul Rule

If you spill a beer or otherwise waste a beer, the GM may take a bottle cap away from you.

Written by Nathan Hansen — August 04, 2017

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