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In my last business thoughts post I more or less came to the conclusion that in order to kickstart my game Draftcar I would need to raise $5000 before shipping.

And I hadn't decided whether I should charge for shipping during the kickstarter or later when the games were actually shipping. I think I've more or less settled on charging for shipping after the kickstarter but give my best estimates for shipping to various locations world wide so backers know what to expect.

I've been looking into shipwire, and if I can utilize their service I can keep most shipping costs below $10 for most locations by putting product in various warehouses around the world. However, it seems like I would need to file paperwork to be licensed to do business in the various countries that shipwire has its warehouses in. I don't think this will be a huge cost, but it is a cost I need to consider. Maybe if I can figure out all the costs associated this would make a good stretch goal? It's certainly not a stretch goal I've seen before.

I also need to be cognizant of future sales and how I want to drive them. I'd like to invest in a service like Double Exposure's Envoy program. So I'd like that to be represented in the stretch goals but generally stretch goals reward the backers, and while they may want to see me  succeed I don't think that double exposure demoing my game helps them much. Maybe I could organize some kind of tournament through them and that could be the stretch goal? I think they only run tournaments at the highest price point though...

Anyway, just some stuff I'm thinking about today.

Written by Nathan Hansen — April 05, 2016

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