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As those of you who follow me on Twitter are aware, I've started a weekly game design challenge with the intention of designing 52 games in one year. I've also committed to trying to be active on Twitter during the development of each to generally work on my social media skills.

For those who don't follow me on Twitter, by the way, this is a thing I'm doing. This post is about the fifth game in that hopefully very successful series of games.

This weeks game was based on a random Wikipedia article. Specifically an article on Ngāti Hako, which is Maori iwi. I had a lot of trouble finding specific information about that iwi so I broadened the scope of the research a bit to the Maori as a whole.

Now, on to the game.

Aotearoa: land of the long white cloud

The game I ended up making was about the Maori colonization of New Zealand, although I'm quite confident that with the engine I set up for it I could easily extend the game into a game about their entire history for which this game would just be the setup. Just not in a week, and not without a lot more research. Still, I may come back to this one.

The gameplay is pretty simple, each player on their turn chooses one of the 4 revealed cards to take from a queue of cards, leaving a disc on any cards they skip over. That card will indicate where they get to place a cube indicating where they are settling. The game ends after all territories on the islands have been settled. The player with the largest contiguous group wins.


Written by Nathan Hansen — August 03, 2018

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