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As those of you who follow me on Twitter are aware, I've started a weekly game design challenge with the intention of designing 52 games in one year. I've also committed to trying to be active on Twitter during the development of each to generally work on my social media skills.

For those who don't follow me on Twitter, by the way, this is a thing I'm doing. This post is about the third game in that hopefully very successful series of games.

I plan to have each game in the challenge have some sort of randomized element that I have to include in some way. For the third challenge, I wanted that random element to be a constraint so I asked twitter for such a constraint. As result, I got a suggestion from Matt Knaack @mackinac_ to make a game with 3 types of components and 3 components of each type. What I came up with for this challenge is a game about the Greek Fates determining the destiny of three mortal heroes. I call it Daughters of Nyx.

Now, on to the game.

Daughters of Nyx

Daughters of Nyx is a three player game about determining the destiny of Greek Heroes.

The gameplay is really pretty simple. Each player on their turn rolls 3 dice and places them on the Fate cards to activate effects. Some of those effects are good and some are bad. They must place all dice if possible so they may have to place bad effects. If they can't place a dice on a particular Fate for some reason, that Fate card flips to its other (harsher) side. The game ends when all the Heroes have died or when one of the players is able to activate an end game condition.


Written by Nathan Hansen — July 19, 2018

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