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Coming soon... Trade Port of Sol

The artwork for this one should be done in the next few weeks. I'm considering a Kickstarter campaign in January, 2022 to help offset the cost of the steel rule die and maybe a lease for a new printer.

Time for a bit of a pivot

I'm revisiting my business model for Nathan Hansen Games. I gave the Print and Play to full physical model a good run but... I have lost money month over month since I started. Not to say it can't work, but it certainly hasn't worked for me.

Basically it all comes down to finances. With the PnP model, I would have to sell around a thousand games a month to make a reasonable (but not good) income....

Considering Cooperatives

I've found myself interested in cooperative business models of late. I'm not going to pretend I've garnered anything close to expertise on the subject, but it seems like it would be a very good model for a board game publishing company or design studio. Although, probably not one named after a specific person such as I've set up mine as. The basic premise is that all members get a vote on business...

Niimura Station coming to KICKSTARTER

As the headline say, I'm bringing Niimura Station to Kickstarter.

Niimura Station is a solitaire game in which you run a small train station in Japan. To win the game you will need to satisfy the needs of the Travelers who are waiting at your station and not run out of money before all the trains have come and gone for the day.
The game is very loosely based on the real life Niimura station which is...

What is in the Pipeline?

I have a "short" list of games that I'm actively working on getting ready to release. Some have previously been released as Print and Play before as part of a weekly challenge or in one case as part of an attempted Kickstarter campaign, but I'm reworking those in a few key ways. Since I don't know yet what order they will be ready in, they are presented in alphabetical order.


This is a game...

And we have a News section

So the site has been up for about a week and a half without any kind of News section. So, I've decided to port my blog over to be the news section. This has the benefit of being rather full already, but not all the news is perfectly tied to Nathan Hansen Games per se. Going forward I'll likely be a little more cognizant of this being the professional face of Nathan Hansen Games. That will likely...

One of us isn't wearing a costume

I've come up with a card game I'm currently calling "One of us isn't wearing a costume..." and would like some feedback on the concept and maybe some play-testers.

It consists of 54 cards, including:

  • 1 setup card
  • 21 "rules cards"
    • These carry the bulk of the rules weight and sort of control the flow of the game. Each has a binary choice and a direction they should be passed when complete.
  • 10 monster...

Written by Nathan Hansen — April 15, 2019

Party game idea

I had an idea for a party game while on the bus yesterday. A simple concept that I feel like must have been done before, or there must be something at least similar to but I can't think of it.

Basically, the game is inspired by AMAs (ask me anything). In fact, I'll probably call it AMA if I do anything with this.

The way I see the gameplay is pretty simple.

  1. Each round one player is giving an AMA....

#52GameDesignChallenge - The first failure

As those of you who follow me on Twitter are aware, I've started a weekly game design challenge with the intention of designing 52 games in one year. I've also committed to trying to be active on Twitter during the development of each to generally work on my social media skills.

For those who don't follow me on Twitter, by the way, this is a thing I'm doing. This post is about the what should have...


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